AZC Committees & Staff

Austin Zen Center operates through the volunteer efforts of board and organizational committees composed of AZC members and friends who lend their time and skills to help further the mission of our organization in a number of ways. Described below, these committees are essential to the shared governing and management of our center:

Finance Committee
Chair: Vickie Schubert

Role: The Finance Committee, which is commissioned by and responsible to the Board, functions to monitor and evaluate AZC’s funding and financial management; to make sure the annual budget accurately reflects the needs, expense, and revenue of the organization; to monitor income and expenditures against projections and present monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements; to safeguard AZC’s assets; to ensure compliance with federal, state, and other requirements as relates to finances; and to ensure that AZC maintains adequate insurance coverage and IRS compliance.

Governance Committee
Chair: Jack Hohengarten, Esq.

Role: The work of the Governance Committee, which is commissioned by and responsible to the Board, is to ensure our Board’s effectiveness, participation and performance. It makes sure the Board’s policies and procedures are being observed, reviewed, and improved. It develops job descriptions for individual Board members, Officers and Staff; and reviews the performance of the Head Teacher/Abbot and Staff. It recruits new members who might add to any missing qualities and talents of the Board; and educates Board members about its roles and responsibilities.

Membership Committee
Chair: Betty Holmes

Role: The Membership Committee, which is commissioned by and responsible to the Board, is charged with nourishing and supporting the membership of AZC; hearing requests, complaints, and suggestions from the membership; providing guidance and support for new members; and being the liaison to the Board concerning outreach activities.

To bring an issue before the board, contact Board Liaisons Betty Holmes.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Role: The work of the Buildings & Grounds Committee, which is commissioned by and responsible to the Head Teacher, is to maintain and improve the physical site and buildings owned AZC and to keep it beautiful.

Information Technology (IT) Committee
Chair: Kim Mosley

Role: The IT Committee, which is commissioned by and responsible to the Head Teacher, oversees the technology involved with the transmission and storage of information, especially the development, installation, implementation, and management of the computer systems of AZC.

Austin Zen Center Staff
Susan Hansen

Role: The Staff is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day activities, communications, and general oversight of AZC.


Dharma Talks


Shoryu Bradley, April 15, 2015,
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Mountain Seat Ceremony

KesuApril 11 2015.

This event is CLOSED to the public and to anyone who is not already on the Guest List.

If you are not currently on the Guest list but would like to attend, contact Mako requesting to be put on a WAITLIST. Please do not just show up for this event, as we are already far over our capacity.

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New Beginnings

Elizabeth Law

Our online magazine, JustThis, is now an active, alive blog rather than a magazine which comes out in issues. We post pieces as they come in to encourage conversation and interaction between the readers and the writers.

We use the Tuesday night Zen Writing group as the source of many of the postings. As well, we welcome other submissions for consideration.

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