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Dharma Punx

This group is open to anyone interested in facing the truth of their own minds and finding their way out of delusion, people who have a desire for spiritual and/or personal growth, and anyone interested in meditation. Don't let the word "punk" deter you. It does not matter how you dress, if you have tattoos, or what kind of music you listen to. All beings are welcome.

Sundays at 11am to 12:30pm. Donations gratefully accepted. Join Dharma Punx on Facebook.

Meditation and Recovery

A twelve-step group meets Sunday evenings at 6pm at Austin Zen Center. It is an AA meeting that integrates meditation practice with discussion.


Dharma Talks


Koji Dreher, March 14, 2015,
Roles and Rules for What?

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Mountain Seat Ceremony

KesuApril 11 2015.

This event is CLOSED to the public and to anyone who is not already on the Guest List.

If you are not currently on the Guest list but would like to attend, contact Mako requesting to be put on a WAITLIST. Please do not just show up for this event, as we are already far over our capacity.

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New Beginnings

Elizabeth Law

Our online magazine, JustThis, is now an active, alive blog rather than a magazine which comes out in issues. We post pieces as they come in to encourage conversation and interaction between the readers and the writers.

We use the Tuesday night Zen Writing group as the source of many of the postings. As well, we welcome other submissions for consideration.

Visit the JustThis writers and artists in their endeavors.