Austin Zen Center is a community of people exploring how to apply the Buddha’s teachings in their daily lives. As a member-supported organization, it exists due to the generous gifts of time and money offered by dedicated supporters. Declaring membership at AZC is one way of expressing your deepest intentions and aligning yourself with our efforts to share the Dharma with all who walk through our doors.

Members make an annual financial committment each year. Suggested giving levels are $180, $300, $600, $800, $1000 and $2500. Whether your financial situation permits greater or lesser giving, we encourage you to pledge at a level that’s appropriate for you. Any gift that you make will be deeply appreciated and used wisely.

In addition to formally pledging a regular portion of their income to the upkeep, outreach and growth of AZC, members also elect the board of directors and receive discounts on fees for classes and meditation retreats. (These fees help us to defray costs.)

Your support will enable Zen Center to continue offering a full schedule of activities that helps all of us deepen our understanding of practice. You may either use the online form below, or download a print and mail-in form.

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