Prison Teaching Program

INSIDE MEDITATION (formerly called the ZEN PRISON PROJECT) is an umbrella organization to support and inform volunteers who teach meditation, Buddhism, Buddhist psychology, and Yoga in Texas prisons. This project started at AZC in 2002 but has expanded to include members of other Austin sanghas. Currently teachers come from AZC, the Shambala Center, Plum Blossom Sangha, Appamada (formerly Ordinary Mind), and Dharma Yoga. We maintain an e-list and meet on an irregular basis. We also print copies of a meditation booklet called Doing Your Time with Peace of Mind. All volunteers are welcome to distribute copies of this booklet to their inmate students.

At the current time members are involved in programs at the following prisons:

  • Lockhart Prison
  • Travis County Correctional Facility, Del Valle
  • Gatesville Prison

We have previously supported programs at the Texas State Jail on Webberville Rd. There are other prisons in the Austin area that would benefit from and might welcome teachers from our program. Our current programs can always use substitutes. If you have a solid practice, an interest in teaching and a desire to help those behind bars please use the contact us form to get more information about being involved in prison teaching. Go to the Prison Volunteers Google Groups page to join the elist. Go to the TDCJ Volunteer Information and Application to begin the process of being allowed to volunteer in most Texas prisons (The Travis County facility at Del Valle jail is not included in TDCJ).


Dharma Talks


Shoryu Bradley, April 15, 2015,
What is Enlightenment?

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Mountain Seat Ceremony

KesuApril 11 2015.

This event is CLOSED to the public and to anyone who is not already on the Guest List.

If you are not currently on the Guest list but would like to attend, contact Mako requesting to be put on a WAITLIST. Please do not just show up for this event, as we are already far over our capacity.

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New Beginnings

Elizabeth Law

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